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Business Area

Household Products

Providing innovative products, portfolio building and looking for better future considering the ecological challenge.

The essence of the AMINI distributed brands are to cater to the daily essential needs of each family. Through constant renewal innovation, we understand and have responded to your changing needs and preferences. Today, the AMINI SONS GROUP is well positioned to be a fledgling Central Asian consumer essentials group, We integrated many German and other European brands to our portfolio for sustainable approach to environmental aspects "At Frosch, sustainability plays a role not only in the product formulas; in terms of packaging and manufacture, the focus is also shifting onto ecological product evaluation issues.", "burti works perfectly even at low water temperature. Therefore it treats environmental issues with care and fits brilliant to modern fabrics."

Personal Care products

We aim to match the needs of our customers across Central Asia with a global list of suppliers that provide a valuable range of specialty personal care products. Among these specialty are brands such as Kamill, Glysolid manufactured in Germany.

Our local knowledge of each country in Central Asia, combined with an extensive product portfolio from our global suppliers, allows us to tailor our service to our customers growing needs. We have invested in understanding the regulatory hurdles of each region and participate actively in industry associations in order to offers the expertise, facilities, and qualified sales representatives to recommend and provide the precise specialty personal care chemicals for almost any purpose.


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Central Asia’s preferred confectionery and food products supplier. Our competitive pricing, prompt & efficient distribution services lead to our rapid business expansion and a strong following of repeat customers.

From just a chocolate distributor a decade ago, we have expanded our product lines to a wide range of popular confectionery and food products. In line with our business expansion.

Today, we are proud to be a major confectionery and foodstuffs supplier in Central Asia.


Our distributed baby products are being manufactured under stringent quality control and we are constantly providing innovative products to the babies’ world.

All of our imported products manufactured in European Union under European Safety Standards. In order to provide a competitive edge in pricing and without giving way to quality. We co-operate with our suppliers by sharing our market demands. Therefore, A brand from Europe put us in the driving seat to provide customers the highest quality with the most competitive prices in Central Asia.

We demand only the best in quality, safety and functionality when it comes to baby products. All parents should feel confident of the products they purchased from us as they are always designed and built strictly with safety in mind. We always assure that all the products comply with all safety regulations worldwide, including the European and US standards. All packaged products are packed with Ean Code, and various symbols used in European legislation.


We started to engage a new field of business and we have been successful for almost 4 years in the commercial rental of commercial vehicles which operates in conventional heavy-duty sector.

We aim to provide our customers individually and comprehensively rental offers. We provide you with packages in terms of rental concept exactly created to your specific needs so as per your business agility we offer different lease terms and a minimum capital commitment in order to have always the latest manufactured vehicles.

The majority of our rents are commercial, and we rent the vehicle back at the end of the lease terms. Before it is ready for sale, we conduct a complete and thorough mechanical inspection. Generally, our vehicles are between six months and four years old, leaving our potential sales customers with quite a diverse selection of used cars, trucks and commercial vans to choose from.


Offering our customers a range of quality products

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